How to Maintain Control Of Your Business Relocation

It’s back to that old adage ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’.

If you are hoping that your upcoming business move is going to go smoothly and that you will be able to maintain control of it, you will be wise to sit down and create a checklist of things that you will need to do in order to achieve your objective.

Planning a business relocation

There are many reasons why businesses opt to switch premises and you will need to create your checklist with your business’ specific circumstances in mind. If it is the case that you are moving to a much larger premises you will need to consider what sort of new items and furniture you will need to buy, as well as whether you want these items to be delivered to your new office directly or whether you want to acquire them in advance of the move so that you know you are fully in control.

Similarly you will be wise to schedule the respective move out and move in dates of your premises. You will want to give yourself a window for contingency but at the same time, you will not want to be paying for two premises for longer than you need to, as this will have a damaging effect on your bottom line.

For sake of argument let’s say that you have chosen a new premises and have agreed a move in date that is two weeks before the agreed move out date of your current premises. Depending on how critical your IT and infrastructure is to your business you may need to move things in stages and effectively operate from two premises, so that you retain an element of back up in the event that something at your new premises does not work immediately in the way that you had hoped.

With this in mind a key thing to consider will be the logistics of moving your existing business items and furniture from your current premises to your new premises. You will be wise to select a reputable removals company to assist in the process of collecting your items and safely delivering them to your new premises. Based on your own schedule that you have decided upon as being optimal, you will also need a removals company that understands the nature of a business move, the challenges it can present and the flexible approach it will require from both the removals company and yourself as the client.

Another thing that may well be useful as a service, is an option to store furniture with the removals company on either a short or long term basis. This may be particularly useful if you are downsizing or indeed if you are not planning to move all your furniture to your new premises immediately, as you are having some refurbishment work carried out at the new premises. Not all removals companies offer a storage service but it is certainly something to look out for.

Ultimately by having a solid plan, a reliable removals company and the option to store furniture if your planned business move requires it, you will be in a strong position to maintain control of your business move and ensure all goes smoothly.