How To Pack Your Belongings When Moving House

Be under no illusion. There is most definitely a science behind how to pack your belongings when moving house.

The temptation for most people is to simply throw everything into bags and boxes, as quickly as possible and then worry about unpacking it all when they arrive at their new house.

Whilst this may allow you to get packed nice and quickly in the first instance, it is guaranteed to cause you headaches further down the line.

Planning and packing materials

Prior to setting out the reasons why it is a good idea to put some thought into how you pack your belongings, it is well worth bearing in mind that packing well need not be overly time consuming or painful. It really is a case of just taking a deep breath and doing a tiny amount of pre-planning before you get stuck in.

First things first. Buy a good number of quality boxes. There is nothing more frustrating than packing a box to the brim only to have it fall apart either during the packing phase or during transportation. Invest in some durable boxes to avoid these frustrations.

When you find yourself in the shop buying boxes, also pick up a large number of durable labels and permanent marker pens. As per the previous point, there are fewer things more frustrating than labelling up all your boxes only to find that the ink rubs off or the labels peel off, so that by the time you arrive in your new home you have no idea where things are.

You need more than just the boxes

You will also be wise to buy a healthy amount of tape and bubble wrap to keep your items safe and secure during transportation. If you are super smart you will also pick up a few reels of “fragile” branded tape, so that you and the removals company know which boxes need to be handled with extra care.

So you have now arrived home with a sufficient number of high quality boxes, tape, “fragile” branded tape, bubble wrap, labels and permanent marker pens. That didn’t take too long did it!

Getting organised

Now it is time to get your hands dirty and work to create a clear system for yourself, which will make life a million times easier for you, both during the remaining time that you will be living in your current house (out of boxes) and also when you arrive at your new home and need to get access to specific items before you have had time to fully unpack.

Simply place items in related categories in the same boxes and label these up accordingly, remembering to use “fragile” branded tape and bubble wrap where appropriate. Feel free to still throw things into boxes (being careful not to damage anything) and get the job done nice and fast, but by following these simple steps you will make your life so much easier down the line.

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